"गेहूॅ के साथ घुन को भी पिसना पड़ता है"

"गेहूॅ के साथ घुन को भी पिसना पड़ता है"

I am sure many of us have heard this old saying about food. Let’s talk more about this today..

Weevils with grains like wheat & rice were acceptable by our mothers and grandmothers. Since the golden era food security was never an issue because those insects were considered a symbol of goodness & that’s why this famous proverb!

If you get rice with weevils in it, you soak rice in water, separate weevils and here you go. It's as logical and simple as that.

Come today, due to lack of time no one wants to put an effort of cleaning for their own good!! We still want our food to be as pure and natural as possible but want to out rightly deny the natural occurrences likes weevils or insects. We see one weevil, and OUCH… the whole rice is considered to be bad!!

Wonder why all these big brands selling rice in fancy packaging never catch any insect? The answer is simple - No matter how detrimental the inputs (chemicals in this case) are, we just don't want any insect in our rice. We Get What We want. Simple as that!!

Ever thought why even weevils don’t get to the rice? They can differentiate between good and bad.

Time to reflect 🙂

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